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Why learn Chinese?



Fun, Fun and more Fun


At Chatty Chinese we explore different topics through songs, games, crafts cache_2464974573and practical activities, teaching the students basic every day vocabulary. Our classes are also about cultural enrichment, so as well as just learning Chinese we will also aim to celebrate the main festivals, from Christmas to Chinese New year, Easter to dragon boat festival, we will never be short of fun all year round. The curriculum has been designed to introduce children to Mandarin and the activities consolidate what they have already learned, so that they can go home and share the Chinese they’ve learnt with their family and friends.




It’s Smart To Learn The Language Of The Future


Mandarind1047a0da3a6850f14a9b30b7eb8694f is the most spoken language in the world today with over a billion native speakers. Many countries speak it as their second language and an increasing number of students in the UK are learning it as their second language in school. With it’s strong economy, many are still looking to China as the giant of the future. Whether you would like your children to learn the basics for fun and cultural enrichment or so that they may one day be able to take their studies further, Chinese is a future proof language skill for children to develop.






Learning in the right order.

My main belief is that most people struggle to learn a second language because we are learning them backwards to the natural order we learn a language. When children are little they listen to their parents, then they progress to trying to copy and speak like them. A few years down the line they learn to read their abc’s and finally they try copying what they see by drawing these funny shapes and learning to write.

However when we learn a second language in later years, a teacher will first put the word on the board for you to read, you’ll then write it down. Usually only then will you hear the word and are then asked to repeat it, practicing speaking it.


We are learning language skills all at the same time and backwards… it’s no wonder we struggle!

At Chatty Chinese we aim to break it down to basics and in the right order. Children will learn comprehension and oral Chinese ONLY to begin with, until they are more familiar with Mandarin and only then would we introduce reading and writing the characters.