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Classes and Fees

Schools and nurseries:

classesWe teach at St Peter’s primary in Edgmond and St Dominic’s primary and nursery in Brewood.

Classes in Castle house and other local primary schools are starting in September.

If you would be interested in your primary school or nursery offering Mandarin lessons, then please feel free to contact us for more information and to book a free taster session.

Weekend and Out of school classes

We have classes on Saturday morning at Burton Borough school.

The preschool class for ages 3-5 years old, on Saturday morning 10-10.30. This class is £5 per session is payable weekly or monthly.

We also have a primary age class for 6-11 years old, on Saturday morning 10-45-11.30. This class is paid per half term in advance and is £6 per session.

We are also excited to be introducing our Chatty Chinese lion to the world soon at the Newport Carnival June 11th 2016.